Seven Emerging Technologies Reinventing the Market

The tech market is a fast-growing industry that has affected every other industry around the globe. New tech inventions are being used in the workplace to help organizations innovate the market. As a result, working among robots has now become mainstream.

Emerging technologies are enabling companies to design better products and provide better services. As they can increase productivity and reduce costs, they’re becoming indispensable for organizations. However, these technologies are causing a massive job disruption. In that case, to get a better idea of how they affect today’s market, here are seven new technologies that are redefining the way we work.

Machine Learning

Machine learning gives machines and systems the ability to learn from experience. This technology has been widely used to automate processes and analyze procedures. As systems can improve at specific tasks, no human intervention is required.

Systems with machine learning algorithms are like a child. First, they need help to learn how to crawl, then they learn to walk, and finally they can run. All machine learning solutions need users’ inputs to learn how to do it. 

World-class companies like Google and Tesla are already using machine learning in their products. Google’s Gmail allows users to compose emails in less time. As it provides users with text suggestions while typing, users can give accurate responses within seconds.

By using machine learning, Tesla is allowing its vehicles to learn how to drive. Tesla’s cars can analyze pilots’ driving techniques and identify objects to learn how to move on the road. As the company allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel, they have reimagined the driving experience.

Other companies in the healthcare sector, like PathAI, have developed machine learning solutions to assist pathologists in their duties. As they can make rapid and accurate diagnoses, patients can receive the right treatment on time.

Machine learning is indeed making our lives better. If you want to stay relevant, enrolling in Python coding bootcamps is a great option. Python is a great programming tool for data analysis and machine learning. For that reason, data scientists and web developers use it every day.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is providing customers and companies with accessibility. As it plays a key role in gathering information, more companies are using IoT to provide better services. For example, smartwatches are common these days. For some people, they’re just a fancy gadget that can be connected to your smartphone. But, in the healthcare industry, they’re helping doctors save more lives.

Nowadays, smartwatches can monitor your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate. As they can send reports to healthcare companies, doctors can detect health problems on time. In the automotive industry, smart sensors are giving an extra hand to drivers in maintenance. As smart sensors can monitor vehicles’ parameters in real-time, they can identify when service is required.

Samsung is a leading company that has reinvented home appliances. The company has developed smart appliances that make customers’ lives much more comfortable. Today, Samsung’s refrigerators can connect to the Internet and inform homeowners what groceries are missing. Intelligent washing machines allow users to do the laundry without being at home. Furthermore, with Samsung’s SmartThings products, customers can control lightings, detect water leaks, and see who’s around the house.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has taken education and employee training to the next level. As it has allowed organizations to change the world as we see it, companies like Marriott Hotels are using VR to enhance guest services. Its V-Room service allows guests to immerse themselves in an experience that they will always remember. They just need to select a destination and relax.

Likewise, Sony is using VR to make gaming more interactive. By allowing gamers to use VR lenses and controls with motion sensors, the Japanese company is reshaping the gaming industry. Today’s gamers can use their actual hands and interact with digital characters to accomplish missions and solve puzzles.

For employers, VR has been an excellent tool for employee training. As workers can learn without compromising production, optimizing their performance is no longer a hurdle. VR has been used for maintenance training as well as safety training. Workers can improve their techniques and implement better practices for better results. 

3D Printing

3D printing is transforming the way companies create their products and has played a crucial role in reducing costs. In the construction industry, WinSun is using 3D printing to build homes in less than 24 hours. 3D printed houses are changing the way customers think. As they are cheaper than houses built with traditional methods, customers can think about owning instead of renting.

In the food industry, 3D printing is helping companies to serve unique dishes. Companies like Barilla are already using 3D printing to create pasta with a simple mixture of water and semolina. Other companies have gone further. For example, 3D Systems, in collaboration with Hershey Company, has developed a chocolate printing machine to serve chocolate with distinctive shapes. Their CocoJet 3D printer is every chocolate lover’s dream, and it’s helping chefs to make eaters feel engaged.


These flying robots are helping companies to take significant strides. Amazon, the largest retailer in the world, is using drones to provide better delivery services. As drones can make deliveries in less than an hour, they’ve helped Amazon to innovate the e-commerce market.

Other companies like Walmart are using drones to help customers during in-store shopping. By using a mobile device, you can add items to your shopping list. It will communicate with in-store drones that will look for products and bring them back to you. As a result, Walmart has reduced in-store shopping time, making customers happier.   

Cloud Computing

Today, serverless companies are a thing. Thanks to cloud computing, physical database infrastructure is no longer needed. For companies, this has been a significant development to keep their data secure and reduce costs.

Amazon is the leading company in cloud services. They provide customers not only with data security but also with accessibility. For data scientists, data accessibility is indispensable because they couldn’t do their duties without it. As days pass, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is becoming more popular, and consequently, employers’ demands are higher. Learning coding skills has become vital, and several workers have lost their jobs due to the lack of technical skills. 


In general, the tech market is making the world a better place. Of course, due to the digital transition, new requirements have been set, and workers will need to adapt. As there’s no way back, companies will continue to implement new technologies to innovate the market and make customers feel engaged.

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